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EASTON EXP handlebar system

EASTON EXP handlebar system


Easton EXP
Eighteen years ago Easton altered the face of motorcycle performance when they designed and engineered the sport’s first oversized aluminum TaperWall™ handlebar. Simply put, there was no other handlebar like it. With the introduction of the oversized 1 1/8” TaperWall handlebar, riders of all skill levels discovered a new performance and strength advantage in this critical part of a motorcycle’s anatomy.

Easton EXP
While Easton’s original handlebar has capably aged over time, off-road motorcycle technology, like the sport itself, has greatly evolved. The G.O.A.T has come and gone. Four strokes now rule the day. Watching from the sidelines at the Big A, cruising through the pits at Glen Helen, and watching in disbelief at the X-Games, engineers knew it was time for a change. So back to the drawing board they went. The mission: to create a new standard by designing not just the world’s best handlebar, but the world’s best handlebar system.
And so EXP™ was born. Just as it is with every product that bears Easton´s name; the EXP System’s formula for success lies in Easton’s history of proven engineering and performance.


Easton EXP
What is EXP? It’s a simple equation; Engineering times Performance. That’s the formula for the latest breakthrough in motor sport technology – the EXP Handlebar System. EXP not only utilizes eight decades of expertise as one of the world’s leading high performance manufacturers, but also all the latest in two-wheeled performance requirements.
Easton EXP – good enough for Easton engineers. Good enough for the Boost Mobile/Yamaha of Troy racing team. Good enough for Mat Rebaud. Best of all, Easton EXP is good enough to be the only handlebar on the market to offer a limited lifetime warranty.
Unique combination of superior materials and engineering, proprietary bar design, proven
clamp technology and top of the line hardware provides outstanding performance. The Easton EXP bars, clamps, and hardware work together to give you enhanced control while reducing fatigue.


Easton EXP
Easton revolutionized the handlebar world in 1990 with the introduction of the 1 1/8” TaperWall handlebar which used proprietary EA70™ aluminum. The chemistry for this ground breaking material was derived in laboratories and 18 years later, Easton is the only handlebar maker with access to this remarkable alloy. In addition, Easton´s expertise in design, material fabrication, and thermal treatment remains unmatched in the industry.

Easton EXP taperwall
Prior to the Easton TaperWall handlebar, motorcycle bars were all made with the same, straight wall design. Since inventing the process, Easton has developed and refined the cold-working of aluminum tubing that sets the standard in the industry. Exclusive computer-engineered process allows to create multiple tapers in the same tube, so the tube walls can be reinforced anywhere along their length with incredible precision. The result is jeweler-smooth walls that eliminate the stress points typical of other manufacturer’s tubing. The unprecedented control of Easton TaperWall technology allows each tube to be precision engineered for its specific application. The resulting ultra-smooth wall transitions create multiple reinforced wall zones — effectively gusseting tubes on the inside. What this does is transfer energy down the length of the bar so shock is dampened more effectively without compromising strength.
Easton EXP
1) Taperwall tubes offer maximum variation in wall thickness
The result is increased strength with reduced weight
2) Easton’s ultra smooth wall transitions transfer impact energy freely down the length of the tube, so shock is dampened without compromising strength.
3) Taperwall creates multiple reinforced wall zones – effectively gusseting tubes on the inside
4) The unprecedented control of Easton Taperwall technology allows each tube to be precision engineered for its specific application
Easton EXP
For over eight decades Easton has been the leader in designing and engineering high performance
products for some of the world’s most demanding sports. The engineering has been proven in the AMA, NHL, MLB, and the Tour de France. Easton’s engineers have always understood a single principle – form follows function. That principle applies to the EXP handlebar system. Just as the 1 1/8” bar answered the needs of a sport that had evolved dramatically over the previous decade, Easton’s EXP System introduces a new phase in performance driven technology. After countless hours of lab testing, Easton engineers found that the new 35mm (1 3/8”) handlebar offered the optimum balance of ride quality, weight and strength of all the sizes they considered; from the previous standard 22mm (7/8”) bar, all the way up to a 38mm (1 1/2”) bar.

Easton EXP intelligent flex
Easton pioneered the concept of Intelligent Flex™ whereby durability is designed into the product without adding excess material or weight. Intelligent Flex is key to the EXP’s proven level of high performance comfort. The handlebars stay stiff and rigid to help maintain control through the fast whoop sections and rutted turns while offering enhanced damping qualities.

Easton EXP pad
Durable, energy absorbing pad snaps securely into place with no Velcro to come loose or fail. Precision molded finish offers a durable and stylish look. Built to survive even the toughest motos. Compact size and rounded form offers reliable impact protection with minimal interference. Sculpted underside allows the bar and clamp to move with the bike without interference from gas tank vent hose.


Easton EXP DST
Because Easton designs and engineers both the clamps and the bars, the components are designed as an integrated system. In reality the design of the clamps directly effects the performance and longevity of the handlebar. Easton’s EXP clamps were specifically designed to work with the EXP 35mm bar. By better distributing the clamping stress on the bar, Easton’s design greatly reduces the peak stress areas – reducing the chance of bar failure under load.

Easton EXP six vs. eight
In building a clamping system that was both strong and light, Easton put the material where it was needed and took it out where it wasn’t needed. The EXP clamp design moves away from the use of four 8mm bolts, and utilizes an eight bolt design with 6mm bolts. This gives you a secure interface between the bar and the clamp without over stressing the bolts and distributes the clamping force over a greater area.

Easton engineering prides itself on its attention to detail. Even though they’re not visible once mounted, the hardware bolts are made from SAE 12.9 premium grade zinc plated steel. Easton also offers similarly rated Nylock® nuts as standard. When you see the bolts you’ll note that they’re factory looking with very precise shank shapes and little thread at the end – no generic fully threaded bolts to provide unwanted flex or tear up your triple clamp bushings. Factory solid, precisely engineered.
Easton EXP top lock
Let’s face it - no matter how much riding styles have changed over the years, no one has really tried to
develop a new handlebar clamp system that puts the primary focus on increasing the safety of the design. Until now. Easton’s proprietary Top Lock™ clamp system ensures the maximum amount of interface between the handlebar and the clamps, while at the same time, minimizing point loading and peak stress areas - the leading causes of handlebar failure. Traditional clamp designs allow loads to place stress on the bolts, which results in bending and eventually fatigue and possible failure.
Easton engineers found that by torquing down half of the clamp faceplate before torquing the final
bolts, the clamp and handlebar interface grips more efficiently. This design also eliminates the annoying process of chasing the bolts around to evenly tighten them. Combined with the Distributed Stress Technology (DST) - shaped clamps, the grip on the bar is insanely strong, with less pinching and lower stress at the clamp. EXP’s exclusive use of Top Lock and DST, offers a handlebar system with significantly improved strength, stiffness and performance.

Engineering and testing

Easton EXP
At Easton we take our products very seriously. We develop them with one goal in mind: to produce the
best possible products that enhance and elevate the performance level of the athletes who use them.

Since many of our products push the envelope in materials, weight, strength and performance, we needed a way to benchmark and test them. In 1980’s, we developed the Easton Sports Lab at our Van Nuys facility in Southern California. Our R & D engineers utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment to run some of the most stringent tests in the industry. This knowledge has enabled our engineers to not only improve on the current handlebars, but redefine how a handlebar and clamp system should perform.

How stiff is just right? Stiff enough to resist bending or bouncing under load, and stiff enough to enhance control – no more. Our unique combination of perfect size, perfect materials, perfect shapes, and integrated system-based approach to this bar improves the ride, while providing durability up to four-times that of our competition!

All the engineering and lab testing is important, but it’s how our bar system performs outside that truly matters. Our team has been collaborating closely with our riders and their mechanics at the track, putting every aspect of our product through session after session after session… The lessons we’ve learned have been invaluable in fine tuning the performance, allowing us to develop the most advanced handlebar system for the modern bike.

Racing support

Easton is the sponsor of some remarkable teams and riders in the MX world.

Mat Rebaud (Red Bull KTM) – Swiss FMX rider, 2006 World FMX Champion, X-Fighters series and X-Games medailist.

Tyler Bowers (Yamaha of Troy) – American SX and MX rider, 07´ Boo Koo Arenacross series champion

The Range


Easton EXP

Easton EXP
• Seven bends to suit your needs
• Up to 4x the durability* - The most durable bar on the planet!
• 35mm center - the largest, most secure clamping area
• TaperWall™ technology – increased control and improved comfort
• EA70 aluminum - Higher strength to weight ratio than other standard aluminum
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

• Choice of top freestyle technician Mat Rebaud
• Taller, shallower bend offers enhanced platform for more tricks
• Up to 4x the durability* - The most durable bar on the planet!
• 35mm center - the largest, most secure clamping area
• TaperWall™ technology – increased control and improved comfort
• EA70 aluminum - Higher strength to weight ratio than other standard aluminum
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

• Longer flats and shorter center section accommodate aggressive bar trimming and all those bar accessories
• Taller and slightly deeper bend for standing/sitting/standing woods work
• Up to 4x the durability* - The most durable bar on the planet!
• 35mm center - the largest, most secure clamping area
• TaperWall™ technology – increased control and improved comfort
• EA70 aluminum - Higher strength to weight ratio than other standard aluminum
• Limited Lifetime Warranty


Easton EXP clamps
Technologies: Top Lock, Distributed stress technology, Oversize


Easton EXP hardware
SAE Grade 12.9 grade zinc plated steel with Nylok® nuts.
Precise shank shapes for factory-secure fit


Easton EXP grips
Various types of race and enduro compounds.
„Half Waffle“ design.

Grip Covers & Donuts

Easton EXP grip covers and donuts are included with
each Easton grip set.

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